VIDA TOKYO Straightening agents - Direction for use

VIDA Tokyo Straight Brochure
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1, Counseling (Dry check)


Check hair conditions properly.

Do not proceed with an application if it is dameged badly.

2, Shampoo & Pre-processing


Rinse with Amino shampoo and towel it dry.

3, Hair diagnosis (Wet check)


After towel drying, re-check the amount of damaged hairs.

Find out the hair type, whether it is 『Water absorbency』 or 『Water repellent』.

4, Pre-processing


Apply PPT to the entire hair.


※Do not rinse off PPT.

5, Application of ST Cream (Straightening cream)


Quantity of use : 100-200g


Apply the ST Cream (Straightening cream) with your left hand so as not to penetrate into the scalp.

(Leave 1-2cm gap from hair roots)


Then comb hair.

6, Permeation of ST Cream (Straightening cream)


Covering hair with cap or wrap...Leave it for 5-15min.

7, Softening check


Take small portion of hair, wipe off the solution with towel or cotton and check the degree of softening.

8, Intermediate Rinsing


(Rinsing off the ST Cream)

Rinse off the First agent thoroughly with water. Rinse nape area and behind ears carefully.

9, Intermediate Treatment


1) Apply Asid Rinse to the entire hair. Leave it for 2-3min. after combing.


2) Apply Treatment to the entire hair. Leave it for 2-3min. after combing.

10, Intermediate Rinsing


Soak hair in warm water in basin and rub into hair gently. Repeat soaking and rubbing a couple of times, then towel it dry thoroughly.

11, Ironing / Blow Drying


Ironing technique:

Blow dry the hair completely before ironing. Take thin and narrow parting and do the ironing. (Temperature at 120-180℃)

12, Application of ST NT (Neutralizer)


Apply ST NT (Neutralizer) from hair root to tip of hair, then comb hair gently.

13, Permeation of ST NT (Neutralizer)


Leave it for 15min.

14, Rinsing off ST NT, Treatment & Penetration


Rinse off the ST NT (Neutralizer) and apply treatment to the entire hair. Comb hair and leave it for 2-3min, then soak hair in warm water in basin and rub into hair gently. Repeat soaking and rubbing a couple of times and rinse off.

15, Finishing


Do not hold the blow dryer too close to the hair.

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