Our professional hair care products

VIDA Tokyo PPT ( Polypeptide)     1,000ml


   PPT is the abbreviation for polypeptide, which is made from hydrolyzed keratin and collagen. It is generally a combination of 100 to 300 amino acids. As the main component of hair consists of keratin, which is made of around 18 amino acids, it adheres well to hair and functions as a conditioner that repairs damaged areas and also serves as a moisturizer.


  There are many products in the market that use PPT, but most of them use  approximately 10,000 to 30,000 of high-molecular PPT. High-molecular PPT reacts to the cuticle's exterior and thus it is effective in preventing damage to the cuticles. However, high-molecular PPT cannot repair the interior of the hair as it cannnot enter the cortex.


    When the cuticles are damaged, the cortex is likely damaged as well. The cortex is made of keratin protein, which is the same amino-acid aggregate as the cuticles. Low-molecular PPT is effective in repairing damaged cortex. Low-molecular PPT (under  400) enters the cuticles and adheres to the keratin in the cortex.  However, the disadvantage is that it is prone to escaping as it has a low molecular weight. Therefore, our concept is that we repair the interior of the hair with low-molecular PPT and cause middle-molecular PPT to adhere to the interior of the cuticle in order to prevent low-molecular PPT from escaping, then reapir the exterior of the hair using high-molecular PPT. VIDA Tokyo PPT is formulated with several kinds of low-, middle-, and high-molecular PPT.


   This product is particularly effective when the hair is heated using a flat iron, especially as in a straightening perm.


   This product provides treatment while repairing damage to some extent when highly-permeable PPT is applied to damaged hair that does not have resilience and body in preparation for, or as mid-treatment, during a permanent to protect damaged areas.