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VIDA Tokyo Asid Rinse     1,000ml


   Buffering agent that removes and controls residual alkaline with the power of an amino-acid PH-controlling agent.



What is a buffering agent...?


   The PH balance of the hair after a permanaent or coloring treatment is inclined toward strong alkaline. Therefore, the PH balance should be reset to an acidic condition before the permanent or coloring treatment. A chemical the resets hair to its original state is called a buffering agent.



   Buffering agents reset to acidic hair that is inclined to alkaline as a result of a permanent or coloring.


【Direction for use】

   After rinsing off VIDA Tokyo Straightening Permanent First Agent, apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair as an intermediate treatment. Comb the hair and leave the product in for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing.