Our professional hair care products

VIDA Tokyo Amino shampoo     350ml


  Five botanical extracts tone the scalp to a state optimum for growing hair. 18MEA is formulated for enhanced shine and ease of combing.


  Despite requiring low stimulation, amino-acid amphoteric surface-active agents are formulated for a rich lather and excellent cleansing.


  Hair mainly consists of keratin. By formulating a low-molecular-weight keratin that is suitable for repairs hair from damage caused by washing, leabing it soft and resilient. This is a shampoo recommended for hair damaged by permanent, color or the heat of a dryer.

VIDA Tokyo Treatment     250g


   Leaves the hair naturally shiny, making it feel more redilient with greater body. Fingers run smoothly through the sleek-textured hair.


   Prevents dry and unruly hair from spreading while creating naturel volume.


【Directions for use】

   After shampooing the hair, spread an appropriate amount of the serum onto the hands and apply by combing the hair with the fingers, then rinse.